31 Days of Self-Pleasure Challenge for Women

On April 1, 2012 I am going to embark on a 31 day self-pleasure cycle and I’m inviting other women to join me!

In August 2010 I embarked on an assignment to pleasure myself for 30 consecutive days.   The intention was to unfurl old patterns and to develop a personal practice of solo loving.  This endeavor turned out to be far more revealing and transformational than I could have imagined. It took several rounds of missing days and starting over again before I was able to finally complete a 30 day cycle from November to December 2010.  This entire process was a wonderful opportunity for self-study.  I was able to see old habits that weren’t serving me any more both in the way that I thought of masturbation and in ways that I lived my life.

I began to completely reframe how I defined sex and sexuality.  There were times when I found self-pleasure without ever touching my genitals.  I acknowledged the sensuality and even ecstasy that I could experience just through breathing and moving energy through my body, through simply touching my face, my arms, my legs, my breasts.  During this time I also tried phone sex, skype sex, self anal play, Tantric practices, dancing naked and numerous other things while I completely refrained from sex toys.

The biggest awakening came when I realized that there were many times that I didn’t feel worthy of my own self-love.  Taking time for yourself and giving to yourself requires you to be actively loving yourself.  Looking back, I see a major shift in my life in the amount that I allow myself to love myself and to give to myself.  This ripples out into all relationships in my life and I am now open to receiving more love all around.

Self-pleasure is an opportunity to be fully with ourselves and to care for ourselves.

I hope you will join me beginning April 1, 2012 for your own 31 day pleasure challenge!  I want to support you along your journey so I am going to post questions for you to journal on each week and invite you to share a passage of it with me.  For every woman that completes the challenge I am going to gift you a copy of my e-book, 31 Ways to Keep It Hot!

Here’s how it works:

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  2. I will post questions for contemplation each Sunday starting April 1st.
  3. You will e-mail a short passage of your journal entry each Wednesday (one to two paragraphs).
  4. For every woman who completes all 31 days and every journal entry you will receive a copy of my e-book and be entered to win some other fun, sexy prizes (to be announced)!
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31 Days of Self Pleasure!

Love yourself!  

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4 thoughts on “31 Days of Self-Pleasure Challenge for Women

  1. Vicki Howie

    So very, very cool, Lara. I adore your commitment and courage to fully flowering! Are there parameters? An amount of time per day? Do we have to actually feel pleasure or just attempt it (I’m half-joking here, but only half). You used no toys — is that a rule? Leave it to me to ask about rules and boundaries and such — Geesh. Anyway, I will try (scary). And I’d like to offer a gift to every woman who finishes this. A set of 3 Chakra Boosters Sacral (Sexual Chaka) Healing Tattoos. They will just have to email me at vicki@chakraboosters.com when they complete the process and tell me they did it for 30 days — and give me their address so I can send the tattoos. Here’s info on my healing tattoos: http://www.chakraboosters.com/chakra-boosters-healing-tattoos
    And here’s to unleashing a whole lot of divine feminine and self-love!!!

  2. Lara Catone | Yoga & Sexual Wellness

    Thanks Vicki! This is awesome : )

    I will write more about “rules” in the next post but really there are no rules. The goal is to attempt pleasure, as some days it’s really hard to take time for ourselves and I think most people will find that there are days they are feeling resistant to feeling pleasure. So, you’re not alone. Feel free to use toys or anything you want.

    Thanks again for your offer of Chakra Boosters for all the ladies!


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