6 Women’s Hormone Facts You Need to Know

rodion-kutsaev-229754I am absolutely in love with the innate wisdom of our bodies. Your organism is a woven tapestry of physical structures, energetic vortices, chemical processes, electrical impulses, emotional communications and divine intelligence all dancing and pulsating as the present expression of you.

Your body is always working for you, moving toward optimal alignment and desiring radiant health—whether or not you are conscious of this process. Thanks body! As I prepare for The Artemis School’s upcoming Thrive module, my current obsession is hormonal health. Here are a few facts that I wanted to be sure you know about your sexy biochemistry.

Pleasure and orgasm are essential for women’s health. Oxytocin is both a brain chemical and the feel good hormone of love and bonding. Oxytocin reduces anxiety, fear and stress by lowering levels of cortisol and supports brain function as a neurotransmitter (transmitting information from nerve to nerve). Women produce far more oxytocin than men. Oxytocin is released through sensual pleasure—especially accompanied by physical touch—and intimacy, nipple stimulation and orgasm.

Childbirth and sex are the same. Seriously. The biochemical cascade and physiological processes  that occur during sexual arousal and childbirth are exactly the same. The same parts of your brain are also activated whether you are making love or birthing a baby.

Menstrual health indicates your overall health for your lifetime. The sex hormone cycle regulates 150 bodily systems that are all interrelated. Estrogen alone has more than 300 biological tasks and influences more than nine thousand genetic messages. Regulating the endocrine, neurological and immunological systems, your sex hormones alone impact everything from vitamin retention to memory and concentration to metabolism to sleep patterns and thyroid and adrenal function.

PMS is NOT normal. PMS can be an indication of insufficient hormonal concentrations to conceive and maintain pregnancy as well as the future symptoms and challenges that can occur during perimenopause. (Yep, weight gain, sleep disturbances and mood swings associated with perimenopause also NOT “normal.”). The National Institute of Health states that PMS in your 20’s and 30’s that is not addressed dramatically increases risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimers in later life. PMS is not a life sentence and does not need to be endured, there are many things you can do!

Gut health impacts hormonal health. Hormones are synthesized, absorbed and also eliminated through the gut. When there is not adequate healthy bacteria or elimination, or if there is intestinal inflammation, this effects your cycle and overall health. The gut is truly the seat of your health.

The Birth Control Pill does not regulate your cycle. The Pill does not contain hormones, it contains synthetic chemicals that repress and turn off the functioning of your natural sex hormones. When you bleed on the pill you are not having a period but rather a break through bleed caused as a result of withdrawal from the synthetic chemicals it contains. The pill will only mask your cycle symptoms, it will not heal them.

If the last few facts made your anxiety levels peak, return to fact number 1—orgasm reduces stress and is great for your health—AND remember that your body, whether or not you are aware of it, always wants you to be healthy.  The other amazing thing about your organism is that it is always regenerating and it is highly adaptable. It’s never too late to move into partnership with your body and feminine cycles—even if you are not cycling with periods any more. Even though some of your health challenges might feel like they are insurmountable, there are many simple lifestyle changes that you can make to promote your healing. First and foremost, adopt the belief that change is possible and radiant health is your destiny.

Would you like to learn accessible lifestyle changes to support you and your clients to heal PMS, cramps, low libido, fertility challenges and how to recreate your life to decrease stress and overwhelm, enhance your fertile years and have more ease through perimenopause?

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