Are You Flowing With or Fighting Against Your Cycle?

beautiful girl enjoying the summer sunThere are many cycles in nature; yearly cycles, seasonal cycles, moon cycles, the cycle of a day and the overarching cycle of a lifetime.  Our body systems also have many cycles and our bodies attune to the rhythms in nature.  We can see this in the natural pull inward and need for more rest in the winter months and the natural invigoration and flirtation we feel in the springtime.

Women also have the monthly rhythm of the menstrual cycle.  Through each phase of our cycles our physiology and biochemistry shift creating distinct changes in our hormones, emotions, libido, energy and in the ways in which we relate to our outer and inner worlds.  For example, during the ovulatory phase we are most energetic and magnetic.  We have enhanced communication skills at this time.  This is also when it is possible to make babies so our libidos tend to be revved up and we feel sexy!  Studies have shown that women perform better on tests during the ovulatory time.

At other times of the month, we are more introverted and introspective.  During our bleeding time, we have a greater capacity to intuitively feel what is not working in our lives, what areas could use recalibration.  This is a time where we are able to let go and grieve the old parts of ourselves as we grow and change.

These phases in our fertility cycles create a template in how we can live our lives and best take care of ourselves.  What if we created our schedules in honor of our weekly rhythms?  For example, I just changed the date of my birthday party a week later because I realized I was scheduling it during my bleeding time.  When I’m bleeding I like to create time to lounge and be quiet and I typically don’t feel very social.  I knew I would be a much more fun party girl a week later, during my follicular stage, with increased vibrancy and creativity.

There was a time when women were attuned to these cycles and their reflection in nature.  Before artificial light, all women generally bled with the new moon and women would gather together at this time to rest and reflect.  In modern life, we have lost this wisdom.  Our lives are demanding and we are expected to perform at our best and top energy all of the time.  However, when we don’t take time to rest, and we fight our natural rhythms, over time this catches up with us and manifests as exhaustion, headaches and reproductive and general health problems.

I find the more I can surrender to the cycles of my body and nature, the more natural flow I find in my life.  I also feel more supported because I’m clear as to what I need and can then ask for it.  Flowing with your cycles capitalizes on your strengths and optimizes health and vitality.

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