From Menstrual Menace to Menstrual Magic

IMG_7708I want to ask you a very important question . . . what is your relationship with your cycle like?  Whatever you call it—moon cycle, menstrual cycle, fertility cycle—how do you feel about this ever-changing natural rhythm?  How do you feel about your blood?

I remember my first cycle.  For at least a year leading up to it, I would look at my underwear nearly every time I went to the bathroom and wonder when.  Then, I was twelve and it was August.  I was starting 7th grade and would now be at the junior high school.  I had just joined the swim team and was kicking ass!  Because I was at a small school with a small swim team we were lumped in with the high school girls.  All the summers spent swimming laps in my pool prepared me for this moment.  I was placed on the varsity swim team and was one of the fastest swimmers on my team.

One day, a few weeks into swim practice and about a week before I started 7th grade, the long awaited blood on my underwear arrived.  It was not exciting like I thought it might be though.  I felt shame, disappointment and probably a whole bunch of other things with the sudden pulse of hormones churning in my body.

My stepmom gave me a tutorial on pads and tampons and my own stock of each. I’d have to use tampons in order to swim all day.  Tampons were terrible, uncomfortable, difficult to put in.  I couldn’t deal with it all and I quit the swim team.

This story always makes me sad.  It marks a time where I went from innocent, free and playful to having to deal with the burden of my blood and my wildly changing moods.  For me this also meant migraines and periods of depression for the next twenty years.

Today I LOVE my cycle.  I am acutely attuned to each phase of my fertility cycle and have ways of honoring each part.  I plan my life around my cycle so that I’m enhancing the natural strengths provided by this beautiful rhythm. I eat certain foods according to the micronutrients my body needs at different times. I use the signals of my body for birth control because I know exactly when I can and cannot become pregnant. I even love my bleeding time and my blood.  I no longer see it as a shameful inconvenience but instead an incredibly powerful gift.

I wonder how things would have been different for me if I had had a better understanding of what was happening in my body before I even started to bleed.  What would those next twenty years have been like if there had been a celebration that marked the rite of passage of my menarche?

One of my missions through my work at The Artemis School is to shift our menstrual culture.  I envision every woman and girl learning the physical and hormonal fundamentals of her cycle so that she can partner with her body and live out the innate magic that is her birth rite.

To live out my mission, I’ve decided to offer a FREE one hour virtual class on how you can learn to leverage your cycle.  In this one hour interactive video class, you will learn:

-Why you must think twice about the pill
-How to rock out your life in alignment with your cycle
-Methods for natural birth control
-Moon mysteries for exquisite self care and deepening intuition

We will begin with gentle yoga to maximize your mojo and end with questions from you!  You can ask me anything you want about your lady parts.  Really, anything!

Join us in this worldwide virtual circle!  The class is live on Tuesday, August 25 at 7pm PST, 10pm EST.  Everyone who registers will receive a link to the video recording.

For many years I struggled with the side effects of trying to control my body through birth control methods like the pill and IUD.  I’ve also had crazy cramps, insanely sore boobs and ridden the emotional roller coaster to the point that I didn’t recognize myself the week before my period.

There ARE answers to your reproductive health challenges.  You can rediscover your creative fire and vitality.  The secrets are in the superpowers of your cycle!

Register for Blood Magic.

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