Blue Balls: An Eastern and Western Perspective (And what you can do)!


Blue balls is the slang term for vasocongestion in, well, the balls.  It is associated with aching in the testicles and prostate areas from unreleased sexual build up.  What this means from a western physiological perspective is that the parasympathetic nervous system causes an increase in blood flow and fluids to the genitals during sexual arousal.  At the same time outflow is decreased as veins contract.  The engorgement of the genitals is a good thing as it’s what sustains that wonderful hard-on.  The testicles also swell in size due to engorgement.  Without release from ejaculation and the subsequent opening of the valves there can be a build up of pressure and discomfort.  This is often due to multiple episodes of building arousal without release.  And—in case it’s not obvious—blue refers to the coloring that can happen from this increase in blood flow.

From an eastern energetic perspective this discomfort is due to the build up of unreleased energy.  Ejaculation control, or delay, is practiced in both Taoist and Tantric traditions sometimes with men choosing to go for long periods of time enjoying sexual arousal without ejaculation.  What is interesting is that there doesn’t seem to be an epidemic of blue balls among these men.  We can use the wisdom of these traditions to help prevent this excess and uncomfortable build-up while basking in prolonged states of arousal.

1)  Pump it Up – Doing Kegel aka pelvic floor exercises can keep energy and blood flow moving in the genitals.  Squeeze up, release and push these muscles out.

2)  Rub it Out – OK, not literally here but massaging the testicles and prostate can help relieve pressure.  Use lots of lube to rub the balls and the base of the penis between the balls and the anus (aka the taint).

3)  Breathe – Lots of deep breathing and releasing with sound on the exhale can help move sexual energy.

4)  Move It – There are a number of transmutation exercises from the Tantric and Taoist traditions that help to move energy out of the genitals and they involve combining some of the above steps.  Here is one to try.  Bring awareness to your root (pelvic floor and genitals or where there is a build-up of pressure).  With an inhale draw the energy up the spine and contract the anus.  Hold as long as you can and then release with a big sigh from the mouth.

5)  Let it Blow – There comes a time when it might just be a good idea to ejaculate.  If your desire is to delay ejaculation or practice ejaculation control, it’s important to listen to your body and find a healthy balance.  Ejaculatory release is the quickest and most effective fix for relieving blue balls.

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  1. Bob Dobbs

    Ahhhh thank you!! Number 4 worked wonders and then led me to try lion’s breath in a cat position, which also helped release a lot of the tension

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