Day 1 of 31 Days of Pleasure! Sadhana & Journal Questions

The Sanskrit word sadhana describes a personal practice in which there is intention and commitment.  There may be a particular feeling or quality one is attempting to cultivate, a question to marinate in, a desire for manifestation, one may seek a deeper connection to an aspect of oneself.  It is a practice designed specifically to support the practitioner and for a predefined amount of time.

For me, the 31 Days of Pleasure sadhana is integrated as part of my spiritual practice.  My intention is to fall deeply in love with myself and to receive insights into specific physical and emotional healings that may be holding me back in some ways.

Congratulations on diving in!  Here are some questions to help you define your 31 Day sadhana.

Write your intention for diving into this 31 day practice.  What are your motivations?  Goals?  Desires?

What has your relationship with masturbation and self-pleasure been in the past?  When would you do it?  How do you feel about it?  What turns you on?  What gets in your way?

What do you see possibly getting in your way over the next 31 days?  Do you have any fears? Hesitations?

How will you connect with your goals/intentions for this sadhana when blocks come up?

Please send a small passage (one to two paragraphs) from your journal entry to laracatone at to be entered into the challenge by midnight on Wednesday, April 4

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