Cliff Moments: Death, Destruction and Rebirth

There have been a few events in my life where the world stopped spinning as I held my breath and stared into the frozen reflection of my utter humanness. Followed by the dramatic release of everything around me crashing to the ground including the image of the human costume I was pretending to be.

These are the moments of my own rebirth; that remind me of what it’s really like to live. In these times you find yourself not only present in the moment; but each moment is magnified. Life happens in slow motion as you stand at the crossroads of the paths laid out before you.

Through these moments of rebirth an earth quaking shift occurs in our perspective of our selves, our relationships, the meaning of life and our understanding of the universe. We define ourselves based on who we were before and who we become after these events.

I refer to these times as “the cliff moments.” I literally feel myself dangling on the edge of a cliff with the vastness of the unknown before me. My choice becomes to run up the cliff and hide under a rock or to let go and dive. In order to grow I know I must jump. Otherwise I have the weight of that rock on my back. When I go into a place of hiding I feel stuck and unable to breathe.

So I jump. And, as I plummet a part of me dies. The part of me that thought I had it all figured out. The part of me that feared the jump. The part of me that felt like a victim. The part of me that didn’t take responsibility. Through this release, I am liberated and able to soar. I can clearly see that I am the creator of everything in my life.

Although some moments are more dramatic than others on the stage of life, every year, every month, every week and every day we live the cycles in this dance of spiritual and human experience. At once we are full of faith, utterly connected and fulfilled. In the next breath we stumble, feeling heart brake, insecurity or pain.

I take refuge in knowing that it is all, equally, a great gift. Celebration, sadness, awakening, anger, delight, despair are all part of the transformation—the unfolding of who I am at my very core.

As the dust settles, I slip into a different, more comfortable version of myself knowing that tomorrow I might just change again.

See a video on Cliff Moments here:

photo credit:  Ancient America