31 Ways Cover w_text copySex has always been very important to me and a satisfying sex life has been essential in my relationships. This book developed out of my own constant quest to find new and interesting ways to keep it hot in my committed partnership. What I’ve learned along the way is that our sexuality is far more complex than positions and techniques. I’ve had to get to know myself in new ways and to heal past trauma and hurt. We can heal ourselves and many aspects of our culture through conscious, empowered sexuality. It is my mission to empower you to integrate sexuality as a major player in your mind, body and spiritual health.

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31 Ways to Keep It Hot is as an invitation to consciously explore your full sexual self, awaken dormant desires, bring your sexuality into the forefront of your enjoyment and health and most importantly to have fun doing it! Whether sparking a new relationship or fanning the flames of a long term connection, you will discover new avenues to erotic empowerment. Hot Topics include: Sensory Play, Sacred Sex, Fantasy, Communication, Getting Naughty, Games, Power Play and more!