How Far You Have Come – Guest Blog by Nianna Bray

Pause. Take a moment to reflect on how far you have come on your path. It is easy to forget where we come from and how far we have traveled. It is easy to get greedy on the spiritual path.. Always wanting more growth, more expansion, more healing, more, more, more. Yet, when we pause to see how far we have come on our path we are humbled by the journey that has brought us to where we are today and filled with gratitude for who we have become. When we look back on who we were there is an odd  mourning that happens, a realization that that person you were is dead and will never be again.  Love remains and everything else returns back to the source.

I am ever grateful to Spirit for taking me out of the old life that is dead to me now. That person who I used to be has perished, turned to ashes, returned to the dark wet soil of the earth, has been recycled into the fresh fabric of a new cotton T-shirt, has been cremated and sifted into the great ocean abyss. That person doesn’t exist anymore. She is a distant memory, a forgotten flame, an old friend who has made her own way. The person I was was never meant to be was meant to die, meant to fade into the annex of history. Her hard boiled stains no longer paint the windows black. New eyes continue to emerge to see new truths only found to be evident and obvious in the right timing, in the perfect instance of now.

There is nothing wrong with saying Good-bye, farewell, I am better off without you. I do not deny you nor do I owe you my future. Your time has come and gone. You were never meant to be anything more than a washed clean past. You leave behind only goodness, only clarity that is striking and overt. You have left behind a woman who is unafraid of her own reflection, unafraid to see herself in others and others in herself. You have left behind a life that is now worth living. You have given birth to a bright light that exposes the dark hiding places of pain. And in the birth you were meant to die. It was the only way. Death gives birth to new life. The decay of your past are the fertile grounds for who you are today and who you will become tomorrow. Ever shifting.

Looking back on our lives we see the bigger picture, we recognize the upward spiral of life experience and alignment with the true Self known in yogic terms as Atman or Bhraman. We come to terms in our own timing that everything happens perfectly for our healing and growth. Everything. From the place that you stand now honor your journey and recognize how far you have come and the wounds you have healed. Then let them go completely.  Write the new chapters of your life from this place of clarity, health, and evolution.

NIanna Bray is an embodied yogini with extensive practice and study in the art and discipline of yoga in the US and in India. As a catalyst for transformation she empowers those around her to listen to their own inner guidance, strengthen their intuition, and bring artful awareness to mind, body and moment.  An experienced traveler and natural movement artist she was born and raised in Santa Monica, CA.  She now resides in Brooklyn, NY.  Nianna is Co-Director at Away Inward Retreats, a global spirit and adventure retreat company. She teaches and travels globally sharing her love and passion for yoga, life and humanity while learning from other people and cultures. She gives thanks to all her many teachers.

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