Weekly Class ~ Yoga for Pregnancy and Orgasmic Birth

Every Thursday

The Sanctuary, Birth & Family Wellness Center
11965 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066  click for map

Yoga for Pregnancy and Orgasmic Birth is designed to address changes during pregnancy, birth preparation and conscious postpartum healing.  We will learn techniques for more easeful, and yes–possibly ecstatic–birth.  With a balance of strengthening and opening, the classes will be guided by the individualized needs of the attendees and will include:

  • Beyond the Kegel:  Pelvic Floor Health
  • The Mechanics of Pushing and Abdominal Health
  • Breathing practices.
  • Visualization and relaxation.
  • Sex during pregnancy, labor and postpartum.
  • Self-care practices for radiance.

Yoga for Pregnancy and Orgasmic Birth is appropriate for women at any stage of pregnancy.

$18 for single class
$80/5 class series
$150/10 class series
(Series can be used for all classes at The Sanctuary’s Movement Center).

Register with the Sanctuary.  (310) 566 – 7690

The Empowerment Circle, a series of healing practices and revolutionary information for women, was developed to support women in claiming their unique journey and being their own healers.  The Empowerment Circle was created by Lara Catone and integrates the breadth of her experience as a birth doula, childbirth educator, yoga teacher and sexual wellness coach.  Each class combines leading edge information with practices to awaken the body’s natural healing capacity.

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Check out Lara’s new online program and DVD —
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  1. Szilvia Campbell

    Hello Lara, tried finding the Birth Sanctuary this afternoon without success. Do you teach orgasmic birth classes anywhere in LA now? Thanks Szilvia

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