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Interested in my core healing program for women, Elemental Body, (formerly Restore Your Core)? Click here!

Join me in the terrain of eros; the juncture where soul, spirit and sexuality meet; the place where you emerge fully expressed. In spite of the small stories that have been handed to us, I believe we are all here to live extraordinary lives. 

L. Catone ArtemisHi I’m Lara, I have dedicated my life’s work to creating radical cultural change through embodied education and mentorship. I hold the vision of a turned on global community and thriving planet.

I began my private practice in Venice Beach, CA in 2009.  I have worked with women, men, couples, Hollywood celebrities and many, many mamas to evoke the most healthful, radiant, powerful expressions of themselves.

I support my clients to shake up the paradigms that aren’t serving any more, to dream wildly and live boldly by accessing their own body wisdom.


I offer transformative mentorship in the realms of:

  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Pleasure & Desire
  • Feminine Power & Leadership
  • Relationship & Intimacy
  • Aligning with your Fertility Cycle & Radiant Reproductive Health
  • Nature-based Spirituality

I work with clients worldwide via video and in person in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.

All of my work is somatic, meaning of the body. We work directly with the body and the nervous system to release old patterns and access new ways of being from your most authentic self.  In addition to mentorship, some of the modalities we use during sessions are:

  • Centering and grounding the nervous system through breath
  • Tracking body sensation
  • Visualization
  • Accessing your own intuitive guidance
  • Yoga & Movement
  • Adult Sex Education (all those questions you never knew who to ask!)
  • Lifestyle Eduction (how to create your most juicy, thriving self)
  • Pelvic Release & Sexological Bodywork  (in person only)
  • Abdominal and Pelvic Scar Tissue Remediation (in person only)

Contact me below and tell me more about you. I would love to know your current desires and any blocks that you are aware of to your radiant health.


Ready to dive in?  I can’t wait to hear from you, contact me here.

Learn more about my restorative core strengthening program, Elemental Body, here.

Other Ways to Work with Me

I offer small group video mentorship for four women at a time. This creates a powerful circle of connection, witnessing, wisdom and ongoing support.  If you’d like to know when the next Phenomenal Women’s Group begins, contact me here.

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