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unspecified-1Hi I’m Lara, welcome to our private practice!

I have dedicated my life’s work to creating radical cultural change through education.  I hold the vision of a turned on global community and thriving planet.

I started out as a teacher of youth in the traditional education system and now I consider myself primarily a somatic, or body-based, educator. I have been steeping in the wellness field and healing arts for the past 15 years and have traveled the world teaching yoga and women’s sexual empowerment.

I began my private practice in Venice Beach, CA in 2009.  I have worked with women, men, couples, Hollywood celebrities and many, many mamas to evoke the most healthful, radiant, powerful expressions of themselves.

In 2015 I launched my training school, The Artemis School for Women’s Sexual Wellness, to share all of the vital information that I have learned on my journey through women’s sexual empowerment and reproductive health.

Organically, over the past few years, my private practice has evolved to include other women who are leading the way in revolutionary education.  These women have studied extensively in their own areas of specialty in addition to becoming certified through The Artemis School and apprenticing in my practice.

Together we are dreaming into being both a new standard for women’s education and thriving health and a new, cooperative way of being in business.  We believe that all of our success in the future will be built through community and we are creating that here and now.

What does this mean for you, our dear clients and students?

It means that we are walking our talk.  It means that we are women supporting one another to be the best, most bad ass versions of ourselves–and to do that we need each other!

It means that we create personalized, comprehensive programs that speak to all aspects of you–body, mind, spirit, soul and, of course, sex.  (By the way sex is SO much more than you’ve been told it is, it IS your vital life force).

You get to work with one of us or your own customized team.  Our areas of specialty include yoga/fitness/movement, acupuncture, plant medicine, nutrition and transformative education/mentorship through all of the cycles of a woman’s life.

We work with clients worldwide via video and in person in Los Angeles, Orange County, CA and Portland, OR.

Allow us to introduce ourselves . . .

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Meet Our Circle

Lara Catone

Lara Catone

• Transformative Mentorship
• Somatic Sex Education
• Sexological Bodywork
• Relationship & Intimacy Mentoring
• Feminine Power & Leadership
• Restore Your Core™
• Abdominal and Pelvic Scar Tissue Remediation

Serving women, men and couples in Santa Monica, CA and Portland, OR.

I go deep with my clients–down and in.  I support my clients to shake up the paradigms that aren’t serving any more, to dream wildly and live boldly by accessing their own body wisdom. See my full bio here.


Risa Avena

• Traditional Foods Nutrition
• Western Folk Herbalism
• Flower Essences
• Earth-Centered Spirituality
• Fertility Awareness Mentoring
• Postpartum Wellness
• Postpartum Education
• Childbirth Education


Risa Avena is a certified Herbalist, Flower Essence Practitioner, Sex Educator and Practitioner of Women’s Holistic Sexuality, DONA trained Birth Doula, Childbirth and Postpartum Educator and Ancestral Nutrition Guide.

Raised in an unconventional semi-nomadic family, Risa is a Pacific Northwest native, currently residing in the hills of Topanga, CA. As an unschooler and autodidact, she was encouraged from a young age to organically explore and pursue her many interests and passions, including gardening, cooking, and herbal medicine. A lifelong learner, Risa consistently continues to deepen her studies and practice, honoring her body and her own process as her greatest guide and teacher.

Risa’s own healing journey led to her calling as a facilitator of well-being. Using a variety of healing foods, plant medicine, and embodied ancient wisdom, Risa supports those seeking holistic mind-body wellness. She understands the process of peeling off layers of shame and social conditioning to be an integral part of the healing process, allowing each individual to access their authentic expression. Risa deeply believes that we must look to nature’s unequivocal wisdom if we want to find answers and heal ourselves and the planet we inhabit.


Melissa Brooke

• Restore Your Core™
• Postpartum Wellness and Education
• Women’s Sexual Empowerment
• Sex Education
• Prenatal and Restorative Yoga
• Childbirth Education

Also serving the Conejo Valley and San Fernando Valley.

Melissa Brooke is a certified Sex Educator and Practitioner of Women’s Holistic Sexuality, Childbirth & Postpartum Educator, Prenatal, Postpartum, and Restorative Yoga Teacher, and writer. Melissa works with women in all phases of life and has extensive training in supporting postpartum women to restore core and pelvic floor wellness.

Prior to her immersion into holistic wellness, Melissa’s academic interests led her to pursue a B.A. in English and a M. Ed. Melissa managed the Middle School Sexual Health Education Program at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles and worked as a health educator at UCLA, allowing her to interact with a diverse range of adolescents, college students, and adults. With her classroom experience and background in yoga and holistic sexuality, Melissa offers a symbiotic combination of embodied movement and women’s health support to her clients and students. 

Inside every woman is a powerhouse of intuitive knowledge, wisdom, and vitality, and Melissa’s greatest mission is to empower women to access the wealth of vibrancy and wholeness they already possess. 


Emily Athena Abrahams

• Restore Your Core™
• Sensual Feminine Movement
• Fertility Awareness & Cycle Wisdom
• Somatic Education & Embodiment
• Sex Education

Professional dancer and sword-balancing circus showgirl, Emily Abrahams (Emily Athena) brings her lifelong study of movement and dance as the foundation for her work as a women’s sexual wellness practitioner. Emily has performed and taught internationally, been a fitness trainer to the stars, and graduated from The Artemis School for women’s holistic sexual health. Her passion is to guide women in aligning with their body’s deep wisdom and unbound pleasure.


Kristin Hauser

• Acupuncture
• Herbal Medicine
• Womb Medicine Mentoring
• Women’s Hormonal Health
• Pre-conception Vitality
• Pregnancy Support
• Postpartum Wellness


Also serving Orange County


Kristin Hauser is devoted to helping women awaken to their inner resources, embodied wisdom and creative potential. Weaving ancient wisdom and modern understanding, she helps women address physical health challenges, while integrating deeper layers for spiritual growth and emotional well-being.

Kristin is a Licensed Acupuncturist, herbalist, certified birth doula and yoga teacher. She offers holistic healthcare and mentoring for women at various stages of life to understand and partner with their fertility cycle, improve their hormonal health and own their unique, intuitive expression. She is passionate about guiding women through the transformational period surrounding childbirth and supporting women to revive the sacred connection between the heart and the womb.

Her work is inspired by years of self-inquiry, rigorous study and practice. She has traversed many common women’s health challenges and traveled to various corners of the world as an avid seeker of new ways of being wild, embodied and wise. Kristin believes that together we can shift the paradigm around women’s healthcare, feminine sexuality and empowered expression.

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