Rise Up Rooted – 3 Personal Political Actions You Can Take Now [Series]

Untitled designI began to contemplate a list of ways that we can potently direct our energy right now for our own sanity and also in leadership and service. What has occurred to me is that our personal and political lives are integrated, sacred partners. The outward is a reflection of the inward. We’ve got to tend to self and our intimate relationships as well as take action in the world. I am inspired to see that I came up with quite a long list of practical, actionable ways to continue to empower our own thriving and take a stand in the world. I am breaking this list into a series of blog posts which I’ll share over the next weeks and months as simple reminders and inspiration.

Your physical body represents the earth element. Your body is the vehicle of manifestation. Your body receives your dreams, intentions and visions, the grace of spirit and the call from soul and materializes these things into the physical world.

During these times it’s essential to nourish, fortify and strengthen your body in order to stand strongly in and live your truth and to expand your capacity to be with rapid change.

Grounding into your body will support your nervous system to stay regulated which allows you to literally feel safe and secure—potentially no matter what is happening.  We need to root down to stay in and with our bodies right now. Your body is the home of your intuition and instinct. Tend to your body through healthy food, rest, movement, time in nature, touch, sensual pleasure and self care. Tending to your body is not optional or superfluous any more; its essential. 

We have got to stay informed and engaged like never before. It’s also necessary to be discerning. Research your news sources and their credibility. Shift gears when you are just feeding what Eckhart Tolle named “the pain body.”  The pain body is like an entity we wear that breeds on fear and pain. If you find yourself spinning out or feeling hopeless and helpless, take a break from media, get outside, root down and tend to your body!

A fundamental change will occur in our politics and in human rights when we reorient the way we relate to power.  There was a period 4-6,000 years ago when the neocortex, the logical part of our human brains, rapidly evolved. This had a dramatic shift on human consciousness and the ways that people related to one another and the greater web of life including earth and cosmos. There was a great shift from a consciousness that was predominately lunar, participatory and collaborative to one that was solar, dualistic and individualistic. This is where our current climate of power over was born. These power over dynamics penetrate contemporary western culture from our governments to our intimate relationships. There are three roles in this power play—victim, tyrant and savior—often referred to as the drama triangle.  This is also codependent relationship. Guess what, we’ve all participated in codependent relationships and we’ve all been victim, tyrant and savior!

There is another kind of personal power that supports sovereignty and collaboration, a personal power rooted in choice and interdependence. This kind of power leads to a world of empowered, generous and ecstatic individuals and communities. True power creates a world free of hierarchy, scarcity, violence and discrimination. This isn’t fantasy or idealistic, all humans are genuinely capable of embodying true power, we are evolved enough. It’s time to direct our intelligence in a way that is co-creative and in service to thriving. Let us lift each other up.

Start now by observing these power dynamics at work in politics, in business, in your personal relationships and in your own head. When is your victim voice speaking?  When is your tyrant voice speaking? What are they trying to tell you? Catch yourself when you are going into a default reactive mode and acting in one of these roles. Begin to practice new ways of relating.  Hold the questions:  How can I communicate in a new way? What is true personal power and how does it feel in my body? How can I relate differently to resources? 

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