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Sweet Darkness

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I was woken yesterday morning at 3:30 by the stirrings of my inner muse.  I am sharing the poem that came through below.

For me this piece is a celebration of the energies present in this season of the autumn equinox and dark moon time–the simultaneous harvest and death process that is happening in nature and reflected within myself.


earth quakes
bones rattle
foundation cracks

lifeline severed
i am shaken to my knees

grief heaves
my body into the chasm
with a heartache
so profound
it echoes through lifetimes


the surface disappears
into the darkest
part of the sea

twist turn
twist turn
her salty waters
ravage me

until i lay limp

in holy ecstasy

fully exposed

swallowed by the abyss
where nothing
i have previously known

oh sweet darkness

have your way with me

poem by Lara Catone

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