6 Women’s Hormone Facts You Need to Know

6 Women's Hormone Facts You Need to Know

I am absolutely in love with the innate wisdom of our bodies. Your organism is a woven tapestry of physical structures, energetic vortices, chemical processes, electrical impulses, emotional communications and divine intelligence all dancing and pulsating as the present expression of you. Your body is always working for you, moving toward optimal alignment and desiring […]

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Welcoming Home the Erotic

Welcoming Home the Erotic

Before reading on, I’d love to invite you to pause and jot down your answers to the following questions. What associations do you have with the word “erotic?”  What does this word mean to you? What associations do you have with the word “eros?” (Would love to hear your answers in the comments section below!) If you […]


105 Days of Pleasure & Passion

105 Days of Pleasure & Passion

Recently I heard one of my mentors say, “everything organizes around your priorities.”  I was deeply struck by this sentence as I realized that part of me is absolutely sure that that sentiment is true and that there is still a part of me that does not believe it.  In this moment I realized that […]

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Celibacy & Following My Heart’s Desire

Celibacy & Following My Heart's Desire

I am in my glory.  I am hibernating in the cave of creation and cultivation writing, planning and preparing for module 1 of The Artemis School which begins in less than two weeks!  THIS is my bliss.  I was put on this planet to teach. In my early adult life, I primarily taught youth in […]