Women’s Anatomy

6 Women’s Hormone Facts You Need to Know

6 Women's Hormone Facts You Need to Know

I am absolutely in love with the innate wisdom of our bodies. Your organism is a woven tapestry of physical structures, energetic vortices, chemical processes, electrical impulses, emotional communications and divine intelligence all dancing and pulsating as the present expression of you. Your body is always working for you, moving toward optimal alignment and desiring […]

Why I Started a Sex Ed School

Why I Started a Sex Ed School

I love back to school season.  I have so much visceral memory of this time of year.  The smell and texture of new books, the shorter days that shift quickly from warm to cool, the feeling of structure and routine.  I have always loved learning and particularly reading and writing.  I’ll never forget the exhilaration […]


From Menstrual Menace to Menstrual Magic

From Menstrual Menace to Menstrual Magic

I want to ask you a very important question . . . what is your relationship with your cycle like?  Whatever you call it—moon cycle, menstrual cycle, fertility cycle—how do you feel about this ever-changing natural rhythm?  How do you feel about your blood? I remember my first cycle.  For at least a year leading […]

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Celibacy & Following My Heart’s Desire

Celibacy & Following My Heart's Desire

I am in my glory.  I am hibernating in the cave of creation and cultivation writing, planning and preparing for module 1 of The Artemis School which begins in less than two weeks!  THIS is my bliss.  I was put on this planet to teach. In my early adult life, I primarily taught youth in […]