I really want to thank you so much for holding the safe place for me to open up, heal,
and grow. I walk away from each session feeling more empowered. I look forward to
continuing my work with you.
-Judy K. Mom, Teacher, Private Client

Every week you intuitively create a beautifully warm space that opens me to things that
seem to be just right for that day…where I feel safe enough to release my fears and
open my heart and mind to the possibility and potentiality that lies within and without. I
truly appreciate the gift you are giving me!
-A.B., Personal Trainer, Private Client

Lara was an amazing guide for me when I was first pregnant. Making choices for my pregnancy and childbirth came very easily with Lara’s help. She is an amazing wealth of knowledge.
-Shantel Baltazar, Yoga Teacher, Doula, Mama

I was shocked to realize how much healing my body had gone through during the first
session. I’m more comfortable in my own skin. I’m not as shy to allow someone to see
me naked. I’m only having positive thoughts when having sex and really being able to
stay more present in the moment. Your were patient and attentive, giving me space
while holding space for me.
-G.G. Mom, Pilates Instructor, Private Client

Our last session was very powerful and is on my mind very often.  Thank you again for creating healing space!  Thank you for re-teaching me to breathe.
Molly, 33, mama of 1, peacemaker and consultant

Thank you so much for holding space for me and caring. It was a great healing
experience. I got into a state where I could not really think about anything, but feel it.
Felt the need to have space and time for myself and nourish. After that, I felt my energy
back, lighter and more focused.
-Alessandra, Mom, Private Client

Thank you so much for the workshop – it was great. I love your philosophy and vision,
and your passion and enthusiasm come across loud and clear. I kept getting
goosebumps when you were talking. I’m eager to take any workshop you are teaching
and to further our connection.
-Kat M, CMT, Workshop Participant

I’m feeling better about myself and my body. I’m also finally feeling ready to leave my
job of nine years and do something else.
-G.B., Sales Analyst, Private Client

Restore Your Core was profoundly subtle, gentle and engaging. Lara’s precise words, breath exercises and cradled energy created a vortex of safety, sensitivity and embodiment. I wanted to inform myself about these topics pre-conception and as I’ve taken other workshops with Lara I knew that this one would be equally supportive. With hands-on investigation through demonstration and Lara’s detailed handouts I was able to open a doorway and awaken to my pelvic floor and its amazing healing and revealing energies. I was also excited to be in the company of post-partum mothers and their beautiful vulnerability and strength. I highly recommend this workshop to all mothers, past, present and future.
-Quinn S, Student, Workshop Participant

You are a natural at teaching and sharing on a deep authentic level.
-J.E., Educator, Workshop Participant

Lara Catone was outstanding! Very informative and very interesting–she is comfortable and quite articulate. She provides an enlightened education about women’s sexual anatomy and physiology that certainly broadened my knowledge about women and more appreciation for their side of the sexual experience.
-R.N., Workshop Participant