THE EMPOWERMENT CIRCLE – Yoga Healing Practices and Revolutionary Information for Women

An exciting event is coming! Next month I will be holding three workshops that are part of a series devoted to women’s yoga healing practices.

Each class in this series begins with connection to our body temples—the sacred home of our unconscious, our memories, our emotions and the vessels of our healing.  Through yoga, breathwork and fluid movement we awaken our intuitive channels and begin the investigation into our individual and collective journeys. 
Each healing practice corresponds to an informational lecture and discussion that follows with some of the most cutting edge information available for women’s sexual healing.
Saturday, Aug 6 – 12:00-3:00pm
Women’s Yoga Healing Practice
Lecture:  Birth and Postpartum Healing
The physical, emotional and hormonal changes of new motherhood and how these aspects along with scar tissue effect your body, your sex life and your relationship.  Techniques to dissolve scar tissue from cesarean and vaginal birth. 
Saturday, Aug 13 – 12:00-3:00pm
Women’s FULL MOON Yoga Healing Practice
Lecture:  Fertility Awareness
Learn how to intelligently monitor your fertility cycle to prevent or create pregnancy naturally.
Saturday, Aug 20 – 12:00-3:00pm
Women’s Yoga Healing Practice
Lecture:  Women’s Sacred Anatomy & Sacred Sexuality
Learn the parts of your anatomy that even your doctor’s not talking about.  Learn how all these parts create a magnificent symphony for arousal to access greater orgasmic potential.
These practices have healing benefits to women in all stages of life from PMS to fertility to postpartum to menopause to creative manifestation.  Lara developed this system through self-healing HPV and precancerous cells on her cervix and after many years of working with women through the spectrum of life transitions.
Light fare will be provided between movement and lecture.
$35/class.  Click below to register for individual classes or all three.
Held at The Giving Garden in Santa Monica.  Address will be given upon registration.  Pre-registration is required.  Class size kept small for group intimacy.  Register early to secure a space!

copyright Lara Catone


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