The Incredible Clitoris: She’s Got Legs, Do You Know How to Use Them?

picture_10It was recently clitoris awareness week so I am inspired to share some of my favorite fun facts about the clitoris.  The clitoris has more parts and is much bigger than you think.

1.  The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings!  This is more nerve endings than anywhere else in the human body and double the number of nerve endings in the penis.

2.  The clitoris has a shaft. The shaft connects to the head of the clitoris (which is the part that most people are familiar with) and runs up toward the pubic bone.  The clitoral shaft loves attention too. You can stroke it up and down between two fingers, massage it with small circles or gently squeeze the labia around it and roll it between your fingers.

3.  The clitoris has legs or crura that extend out from the shaft in the shape of a wishbone.  These clitoral legs go deeper into the body and are buried in the tissues at the top of the vagina.  The legs are difficult to feel directly.  However, the more engorged, or aroused, a woman is, the greater chances of locating them.  It might be easiest to feel them externally on either side of the clitoral shaft.  It has been posited by some researchers that these legs are responsible for vaginal and G-Zone orgasms.  Other researchers say that the G-Zone has its own orgasms.

4.  The clitoris gets a boner too.   The clitoris is filled with erectile tissue with lots of little blood vessels that engorge (fill with blood) during arousal.  The more turned on she is the more pleasure she can feel and the more ready she is for penetration.  See if you can notice your own tumescence (swelling), or that of your special lady friend, next time you are in the throes.

What you are seeing in the above drawing . . . This is a side, internal view of a woman’s pelvis.  Locate the pubic hair on the left hand side, this is the front side.  You will see the clitoral hood and glans, these are the external parts of the clitoris, the most familiar parts.  Glans is another name for the head.  All women have a different amount of visible head, some are completely covered by the hood of the clitoris.  The white egg shaped object is the pubic bone, this helps you to see where the clitoris becomes an internal structure–at the legs.

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photo credit:  StudyBlue.com