Upcoming Workshop – Adult Sex Ed

240px-Passion_flower_2rAdult Sex Ed!
Merging the Sacred, the Sensual and the Science to unlock new possibilities for your Love Life.

Sunday, June 26 ~ 4:00-7:00 pm

Project Butterfly – 821 Traction Ave, #108 
Downtown Los Angeles 90013

We all possess the innate ability to have sex. Sex is also learned. 
The more we know, the more confidence, liberation and pleasure we receive. 

Sexual wellness educator, Lara Catone, brings men and women together for an uncensored and revealing look at our sexy parts. Through the use of a slide show, humor and demonstration on toys, you’ll learn how to make those parts hum.

Some of the topics explored:

*A complete picture of the male and female anatomy.
*The stages of arousal.
*Similarities and differences between male and female parts.
*Playing with sexual energy.
*Increasing and expanding sexual sensation.
*Techniques for pleasuring yourself or your partner.
*Tips for talking about sex, trying new things and asking for what you want.
*The new sex positive paradigm.

In a safe and supportive environment we will uncover everything you should have learned and the questions you’ve always wanted to ask about what’s up down there!

Please come in comfortable clothing and bring a notebook and pen (you’ll want to take notes!).  
*This is a clothed workshop–you’ll practice what you learn at home.

Come alone or with your friends!

Special rates for pre-registered and pre-paid:
Click to purchase now!
Singles:  $30
Couples:  $50 ($25 each)
Threesomes:  $54 ($18 each)

At the door:
Singles:  $40
Couples:  $70 ($35 each)
Threesomes:  $75 ($25 each)

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