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Weaver of Words | Transformative Guide | Midwife to Eros

Hi I'm Lara. I am a science-based mystic, a life-long dancer, a ravenous reader, a passionate writer and a professional √©vocateur of erotic intelligence. I am roused out of bed each morning with a dream of culture that fosters justice, equality, dignity, beauty, collaborative power, epic love and a thriving earth.

My favorite phrase in the English language is holy communion. I love saying, writing and, most especially, swooning with the feeling that is evoked when these words slither across the tongue of my mind.

My entire life has been devoted to apprenticeship with eros and the midwifing of whole, healthy eros into culture. My learning has taken many forms including a ridiculous amount of school and professional training. The most profound teachings, of course, have come through my own personal life initiations.

I study how adults learn and grow developmentally in body, mind and soul. I offer consulting and coaching in eros infused leadership and transformative education. You can read my writing here. I am also the founder of The Artemis School for Women's Sexual Sovereignty and the post-baby restorative core program, Elemental Body

I hold the vision of a turned-on global community. I practice the expansive, elusive, chaotic, joyful, messy, exalted, mundane, heart-breaking-open-ecstasy of this every day by grounding into my body wisdom, co-creating community and participating. Let's do this.

What is eros?