Bone Deep Love

October 8, 2018

I have been writing for days, and mostly half-formed hints of poems. I was expecting to articulate some grand inspired vision of the collective alchemical process that we are currently in. However, sometimes we find ourselves in the in-between space as something is taking root in the deep layers of our being. 

There is rapid mirroring occurring between the personal and the political, or the personal and collective. I find myself in the liminal waters of image and sensation with a knowing that it is not the time to grasp or make sense of. This seems even more real (and surreal) as I also happen to find myself in my hometown with an invitation from my mom to sort through my things--boxes that hold the physical representation of a lifetime of memories and experiences. There is a particular concentration of things that I stored away during the tumultuous and transformative periods from middle school through college. 

The muse gifted me this poem in the middle of the night. I decided to record this piece so that you could listen to it in my voice. Here it is raw and hot off the press: