Relational Leadership Circle 

We define eros as the soul surging forth to know the other, to learn from and grow with and through that other, a surging that brings with it love.
— Hilary Bradbury & William Torbert, Eros/Power: Love in the Spirit of Inquiry

To the Ones that have answered the call into the wild unknown.
To those that dream a bigger dream.
To the bold and humble leaders devoted to expansive love.
To the weavers, connectors, outliers and generative disruptors . . .

This is your space to rest into; to fortify, to share, to celebrate, to question, to be seen in your messiness and your magnificence. This is a space for all that you are and for all that you are becoming. Know more of yourself, and the full breadth of your life, through relationship with others who are forging the path of culture change.

The Relational Leadership Circle is designed for people that are actively culture-making in transformative leadership roles of all kinds: consultants, coaches, educators, health and wellness professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, activists, community organizers, executives, social artists and media makers. It is also for you undercover wild ones navigating conventional spaces.

This is a leadership community of practice with over-arching intentions to illuminate our blindspots and open up our thinking in order to embody more vitality, passionate truth and integrity.

This is a place to bring your biggest questions, critical thinking and paradoxical tensions. It is also a place to bring your heart and the sensate experience of your body as we explore the satisfying and challenging domain of authentic relating and vulnerable dialogue.

The Relational Leadership Circle is an inclusive space welcoming of all genders, races, ethnicities and orientations. Through our inquiries we compassionately engage with and learn from difference, otherness, privilege, bias and assumptions.

Areas we might explore together . . .

  • Creating spaces of mutual power (and all things related to power)

  • Transformative facilitation pedagogy

  • Sacralizing our work

  • Emotional, erotic and embodied ways of knowing

  • The interplay of professional and personal spheres

  • Leadership challenges and breakthroughs

  • Your vast dreams and incremental experiments

  • Whole systems and integral lenses

  • Personal and collective developmental edges

  • Collaborative and inter-independent leadership

From a focus on personal experience within the larger cultural context, we harvest our collective wisdom and individual tasks for creative action.

How it Works

A group of 4-6 meet twice per month for 60-90 minutes (via video) for a total of eight circles.

I guide a co-creative and emergent process that generally includes mindfulness practice, a round of brief check-ins followed by a deeper discussion based on what is alive within our group field. Sometimes we may stay with one topic and other times we may work with timed rounds of dialogue and discussion covering a variety of territory.

In between sessions we have the option to continue our reflections, maintain accountability, receive support and share resources.

Investment is $700 or $175/month. A sliding scale scholarship is available once four people have registered at full price.

Optional: reduced rate one-on-one mentorship with me during the course of our circle.

Application for the Relational Development Circle

Please fill out the application below and we will let you know when a circle is forming. If we have not previously met, there will also be a video chat prior to admittance into the circle. Have questions before applying? Contact me here.