Eros:  Unveiling the Erotic in Love, Work & Play

This is an invitation to the longing within you; to the part of you that knows that more is possible.

The dominant stories you’ve been told about being a woman, what’s possible sexually, what it means to possess power and the experience of pleasure are too small.  

Eros is our life-force energy that both transcends and includes sexual love as the very pulse and passion of our full, creative lives. In modern times the active expression of erotic energy in women has been repressed, hidden, vilified, and veiled.

Step into a larger story.

Come Home To The Wisdom Of Your Body  |  Cultivate A Capacity For Radical Intimacy  |  Explore Your Own Hidden Depths  |  Re-Inspire Connection With The Wild World  |  Experience The Full Expression Of The Erotic

EROS is delivered right to your inbox with a downloadable 1.5 hour audio class and bonus embodiment practices for turning on your life.
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Explore eros in your own body with:

Movement And Pleasure Practices  |  Shadow Work  |  Nature-Based Practices  |  Journaling  |  Ceremony And Ritual  | And More.


We are Lara Catone and Laura Larriva, educators, guides and lifelong students to the teachings of eros.  Together we have created a series of audio episodes designed to unveil this thriving life force so that it may once again flourish in all of the power it possesses.

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EROS is an audio course that restores the erotic to its full expression and beckons you into your whole being through the following lenses:

The Power Of Archetypes | Depth Psychology | Mythology | Models Of Human Development | Somatic Sex Education | Nature-Based Wisdom Traditions | Cultural Critique | Herstory | Womb Wisdom | The Journey Of The Soul

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Download and Listen to Our FREE Introductory Session - The Essence of the Feminine

To live erotically, is to dare to live turned-on, from the senses. It is to know that your pursuit of deep pleasure is not a selfish act, but rather the catalyst to your thriving. To live erotically is to live in tune with your body, trusting the messy wilderness of your primal instinct; one with Earth and all her creatures.
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Have EROS delivered right to your inbox with a downloadable 1.5 hour audio course + bonus embodiment practices for turning on your life! 

Only $25/course or $197 for the 9 Course Series.