For the Sexually Sovereign Woman

Evoke is The Artemis School’s Virtual Mystery School. This is where earth-based spirituality meets practices for self knowledge, womb wisdom and sex magic to ignite your full potential.  

ALIGN - with the sacred pulse of life and your deepest truth through the rhythms of the seasons, the moon, your emotional intelligence and your body.

TURN ON - Learn the art of sexual self cultivation and become your own best lover.

FIND FREEDOM - Become the mistress of your own domain. Strengthen your boundaries and your voice.

CONNECT - to your creative life force, a supportive sisterhood and the sacred mystery in all things.

STAND IN SOVEREIGNTY - Know your body, know yourself and develop a new relationship to true power.

Evoke is a blend of writtenaudiovideo content with live video teaching along with practices for living wisdom and an interactive community forum.

Our next & final journey begins October 31, 2017

EROS : Unveiling the Erotic in Love, Work & Play

This is an invitation to the longing within you; to the part of you that knows that more is possible.

The dominant stories you’ve been told about being a woman, what’s possible sexually, what it means to possess power and the experience of pleasure are too small.  

Eros is our life-force energy that both transcends and includes sexual love as the very pulse and passion of our full, creative lives. In modern times the active expression of erotic energy in women has been repressed, hidden, vilified, and veiled.

Step into a larger story.

Come Home To The Wisdom Of Your Body  |  Cultivate A Capacity For Radical Intimacy  |  Explore Your Own Hidden Depths  |  Re-Inspire Connection With The Wild World  |  Experience The Full Expression Of The Erotic

EROS is delivered right to your inbox with a downloadable 1.5 hour audio class and bonus embodiment practices for turning on your life.