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Undomesticated: An Erotic Experiential Journey


Embark on an EXPERIENTIAL exploration of what is possible when we create a conscious group field to bring ALL of ourselves--soul, spirit, emotional intelligence and fluency, energetic attunement, mindful awareness, animal instinct, intuition and both agape and erotic love. We will powerfully cultivate and participate with eros as a guiding force. We will leave the theory and concepts, roll up our sleeves and get into it--fully offering ourselves to a live, unfolding process.

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The dominant stories you’ve been told about being a woman, what’s possible sexually, what it means to possess power and the experience of pleasure are too small.  

Eros is our life-force energy that both transcends and includes sexual love as the very pulse and passion of our full, creative lives. In modern times the active expression of erotic energy in women has been repressed, hidden, vilified, and veiled.

Step into a larger story.

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