Eros - The Dark Goddess


Eros - The Dark Goddess


Here we explore the terrain of the Dark Goddess. This is the one of us who thrives in chaos, who knows death intimately, who has come through the fires of initiation and lived to tell about it. The dark in our lives refers to what remains hidden and unknown to us, and the Dark Goddess points the way. Sometimes what is hidden is astoundingly beautiful, sometimes it is putrid. In either case, coming to engage in relationship with the hidden parts of our lives frees up creative, vital energy. It brings us into relationship with what matters most right now, and inspires full, turned-on living.

In this call we discuss: 

  • How consciously stepping into risk and surrendering to our fear of the unknown can be the very fuel that makes us come alive.
  • Why loss and tension are sacred partners to creativity and love
  • Some mythology of the Dark Goddess
  • Creative transgression and making changes
  • The Erotic shadow and the erotic equation
  • The fruits of befriending the dark and pathways in
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