Luminous particles of matter 

December 13, 2018

First, what I conceived with ovulation this month . . .

I published an essay on my blog:
What We Don't See When We Are Changing the World


To the Ones that have answered the call into the wild unknown.
To those that dream a bigger dream.
To the bold and humble leaders devoted to expansive love.
To the weavers, connectors, outliers and generative disruptors . . .

Announcing the Relational Leadership Circle, a space to know more of yourself, and the full breadth of your life, through relationship with others who are forging the path of culture change. Join us here.

Now, from 
The Crucible . . .

Silence, solitude, simplicity, stillness, sleep, sanctuary. Tis the season of slowing down and apprenticing to deep rest. All of earth’s life force coalesced in her core and out of the darkness her womb dreams. 

The Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere is next Friday December 21. This year the darkest nights of the year are illuminated by the heavens. On Thursday and Friday nights this week, December 13 and 14, there is a meteor shower as The Geminids, (appearing to emanate from the Gemini constellation) streak across the atmosphere.

Gemini amplifies the powers of the mind, vast vision and exquisite communication. 

These luminous particles of matter in the sky remind us that all things change form, shape and course. They remind us that transmutation and miracles are present all of the time—whether or not we can see evidence with our bare eyes. They remind of us of our small sense of space and time. They remind us to gaze upward from the depths of the earth. They remind us of our place in between. They remind us that we too are made of stars. 

The moon waxes through solstice ripening into fullness on Saturday, December 22. Full moon in Cancer invites us to feel into our soft center. 

Stay inside beloved. Receive visions and the kind of knowing that resonates from your bones.  

Of darkness and light,