Developmental Leadership Coaching

To be human is to become visible, while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others.
— David Whyte, What to Remember When Waking

I serve as a wisdom partner,* no-nonsense ally, outrageous évocateur, and loving disruptor to walk with you in all that you are becoming.

It may be ripe timing for us to work together if:

  • You are on purpose and ready to amplify your voice in greater alignment with your values and in the name of justice and thriving for all

  • You are a leader who longs to more fully integrate soul, spirit and eros in both your professional and personal life

  • You have been on your path and have enjoyed success and now something is waking up within you and you find yourself in the middle of an identity crisis (and perhaps freaking out!)

  • You have done all the personal work but forgot about that “little” piece—eros (aka your pleasure, joy, true power and turn-on)—and now you are ready to become unleashed

  • You are a teacher, coach, trainer or wellness professional who wants to up-level your facilitation skills by developing a transformative learning field that evokes high levels of receptivity and participation. And is experiential, somatic, developmental, inclusive, trauma-informed and consent-based

The force of Eros always brings disturbance; in the concealed terrain of the human heart Eros remains a light sleeper.
— John O'Donohue, Beauty: The Invisible Embrace

My orientation is that everything in your life is interrelated. Our coaching work spans all of the facets of you and how these facets are in relationship with earth, culture, community and cosmos. Whatever the topic, or the way in, we will be exploring how the totality of you is becoming more fully expressed and what your essence is in service to. In other words, what is the unique gift that you, and only you, are bringing forward in this life? We also expose and dismantle unconscious colonial and patriarchal imprints so that you are writing your own true story.

Yes, we can talk about sex—of course! And, I always hold sexuality in the larger context of eros, the impulse to relate, create and transform, and pleasure as the sacred partner of embodied power.

We won’t be looking to fix, strategize or understand but rather how to fully meet what life is offering up in the moment and to give yourself over to it while standing firmly in the center of your truth.


This practice of transformative coaching is grounded in well-documented theory and decades of experience. Having studied a number of models of Human Development, I peer through several lenses to meet you where you are and help guide, evoke and support you as you travel through unknown territory toward your next stage of growth. I bring all of myself to our work including my intuition, depth of personal experience and professional training to meet your whole being.

The primary tools I bring to session work are based in:

  • Somatic and Embodiment Practices

  • Depth Psychology (Personal, Archetypal and Cultural Dimensions)

  • Reflexive Participation (Emotional Intelligence and Self Knowing)

  • Neuroscience

  • Sexuality Education and Body Literacy

  • Trauma Resiliency and the Nervous System

  • Relational Development and Transformative Learning Praxis

The container of our work is supported by the presence of mystery; the sacred unknown that invites us into spaciousness, deep listening, curiosity and juicy questions.

You continue the work between sessions with co-created practices, ritual, self-care and living inquiry.

Coaching requires a one year commitment. We co-create a program that is completely unique to you that includes virtual work and in-person experiential deep dives and wild adventures.


"Lara Catone has single handedly opened a door to a new reality for me and held it ajar.  Her work is life altering.  Her presence is sincere.  Her wisdom is expansive.  And, her willingness to share her gifts with an open heart is, of course, what makes her most impactful as a leader in this field."

Katie Rittenberry

"My work with Lara has been one of the greatest gifts I've given to myself. She creates a safe container for me to share the best and worst parts of myself; with her nurturing support I have healed emotional wounds, become more of the woman, mother and writer that I am, and more fully embodied my joy, courage and strength."

Nina L.

"My journey with Lara has been incredibly deep, insightful and most importantly accessible. She has an ability to combine a firm container (no bs) with love and empathy. For me, personally, this is the perfect combo. Our sessions have helped me actually make changes and reshape my approach to both my business and relationship.

I don’t know anyone else who can pull on such a diverse toolbox of knowledge and techniques. Because of this you can come to her with anything and together customize what you need or what you are ready for. Including ‘following your buried creative impulses, working through past trauma and having more juicy intimacy in your partnership.

Lara helps me to not get caught up in the story but to be in the body and source my inner wisdom from that place which, for someone heady like me, is essential!

Honestly I can’t recommend working with her more."   

Sophia Marzocchi

"I am deeply grateful for Lara’s mentoring. I learned about her practice at a time in my life when I was in need of guidance. I was living a ‘duty-driven’ life and any sense of my personal desires laid dormant deep within me. My whole being felt disjointed, disconnected, and neglected. I needed someone to help me to reconnect with my very essence —body, heart, mind and soul. Lara, with her great range of skills — her insightfulness, her thoughtfulness, her planetary awareness, her resources, her intuition, her ability to listen to and reflect back, helping to redirect one’s thoughts and actions —  has helped me to live a more balanced and centered life. I am more in sync with my body and the Earth’s seasons and cycles.  I am living a more sensual and spiritual life and I am more consciously engaged in the present moment. I have benefitted from this work, as has my family and friendships.  And, I look forward to the work I will be doing with Lara in the future."

Beth G.

"Lara’s broad background in various healing modalities, coupled with her effective and compassionate communication skills, helped me immensely in uncovering blocks and  connecting with my truer self.  Having participated in various men’s workshops lead by men, I found Lara’s approach to be holistic, supportive, and a fine balance of the feminine-masculine.  It was a rare opportunity for me to explore the intersections of mind, body, spirit, and heart."    

Mirza P.

"I found it difficult to imagine how I could feel safe doing the type of work that Lara does.  It took me a few years to land in her office.  What I found when I finally landed, is a safe space for all of me to arrive exactly as I am.

Since working with Lara, I now understand what it feels like to be more at home in my body."  

Lauren O'Malley

It is difficult to put into words the depth of healing and growth I have experienced in the past few years working with Lara.

I've gained a new perspective on life, love, spirituality, sexuality, motherhood, passion, longing, fear, grief, rage and so much more….

Lara has put in words things that I have felt my whole life but didn't know how to express. Hearing her demystify the paradigm we have been living in, and anchoring it all in the body, felt like salve to my soul. At times my body responded with deep sighs of long held shame and grief, and at other times with tears for knowing that I'm not broken, I don't need to be fixed, and that I belong. 

As my mentor,  I appreciate her shared experience. Lara lives and breathes this work.  She shares effortlessly and with full permission to allow whatever arises to be spoken.  Nothing is too much, too scary, too this or too that . . . with Lara, I am deeply held and feel absolutely safe to be all of who I am.

Amy Daniels

*Thank you Kelly Diel’s for gifting me the term, wisdom partner.