The Crucible Special Edition - Midterm Election Resources

October 31, 2018

Next Tuesday, November 6  is midterm election day. Time to put your eros into willful, meaningful action friends! I am sending this special edition of your Moonday Musing, off of our normal schedule, because it is so very important that I urge you to educate yourself about who and what you are voting for. Below I have provided some links to resources.

This is your chance to influence a sea change in congress and to enact justice by electing lawmakers that reflect your values. It is our privilege and opportunity to vote on leadership at every level of our government--city, county, state, and national! These elections have more influence over our daily lives than the presidential election. Choose now to prioritize your vote, and also educating yourself, before you hit the polls.

Learn all about what the midterm elections are, why they are important and how to register in this Refinery29 article, Everything You Need to Know Ahead of the 2018 Midterm Election here

Here are some places that you can search both for non-partisan information and endorsements that align with equality and human rights for all:

  • Check out Ballotpedia the neutral encyclopedia of elections and politics. 

  • Google the League of Women Voters for Your city or state.

  • Google the Planned Parenthood and/or National Organization for Women midterm endorsements for your city/state.

  • See the Color of Change candidate endorsements.

  • See the Human Rights Campaign approved candidates.  

  • Learn who is supporting and funding state and local measures. It is important to know that even state and local ballot measures are often funded by out of state wealthy individuals and organizations. (One of the most famous examples was California's Prop 8 in the 2008 election heavily funded by national religious organizations that banned gay marriage, passed, and then was later found unconstitutional). Learn who is supporting, opposing and funding different ballot measures and more at

    Finally, blessed Samhain season to all of my fellow witches and lovers of earth rhythms in the Northern Hemisphere. If you are feeling it you may find solace or solidarity in my piece, Enter the Dark Goddess. Read it on the blog here

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