Mini Dive Coaching Session

Sessions available now through March 28 only!

I offer mini dive coaching sessions twice per year. These sessions focus in to bring illumination to one particular question or area of your life. Mini Dives can also serve as an introduction to my work if we haven’t met or a check-in for former students and clients.

As an integral practitioner, my lens is that everything in your life is interrelated. My session work spans all of the facets of you and how these facets are in relationship with earth and culture. Whatever the topic, or the way in, we will be exploring how the totality of you is becoming more fully expressed and what your essence is in service to. In other words, what is the unique gift that you, and only you, are bringing forward in this life? Yes, we can talk about sex—of course! And, I always hold sexuality in the larger context of eros as life force and pleasure as the sacred partner of true power.

We won’t be looking to fix, strategize or understand but rather how to fully meet what life is offering up in the moment and to give yourself over to it while standing firmly in the center of your truth.

You are invited to bring the current question, tension and/or passion that is shaping you in the realms of pleasure/power, your work, creativity, spirituality, leadership, parenting and relationship.

Here are some practical examples of what you can expect to receive in your session:

  • Develop accessible embodiment practices to meet and support your growth edge.

  • Evoke creative action from a place that you feel challenged or stuck.

  • Receive feedback on a course or curriculum that you are developing.

  • Activate greater alignment with inclusivity, social justice and activism in your work.

  • Reframe beliefs around sexuality, arousal, gender dynamics.

  • Explore how you can partner more with your body wisdom.

  • Learn practices for authentic intimacy and communication.

  • Get witch tools for working with consciousness, energy and intuition.

  • Resources for deepening and integrating.

I will bring all of myself to our session including my intuition, depth of personal experience and professional training to meet your whole being.

The Mini Dive is a one-time 50 minute video session at a special rate of $105.

Mini Dives are open to everyone including new and past clients (one per person please).

How it Works:

When you click the below link you will be directed to my scheduling page where you will:

  1. Schedule your time (now thru March 28).

  2. Fill out a brief intake form so that we can be prepared for our session.

  3. Pay for your session in full.

  4. Receive a confirmation e-mail with the link for our meeting.