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This is an invitation to the longing within you; to the part of you that knows that more is possible.

Come Home To The Wisdom Of Your Body  |  Cultivate A Capacity For Radical Intimacy  |  Explore Your Own Hidden Depths  |  Re-Inspire Connection With The Wild World  |  Experience The Full Expression Of The Erotic

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A Transformative Journey for Women and People with Vulvas

via The Artemis School

This is an invitation for you, passionate one, igniting the fire of radical social change through tending to the work within. You, who feels called to bring all of your fierce self to this moment. You, social artist, who dares to light up the world with your turn-on and to nourish your life through deeply-felt pleasure. You, generative disruptor, dissolving the dualities and oppressive structures on the inside in order to heal what surrounds you. You, who is committed to living outrageous love.

This six week experiential journey guides you through your unique sexual constellation including safety, connection, pleasure, personal power, desire, arousal, sensuality and erotic expression through the portals of:

-Action Inquiry
-Somatic Tracking
-Expressive Arts
-Cultural Literacy
-Shadow Work
-Deep Imagery Journeys
-Sacred Myth
-Embodied Practice
-Community Council


AR+ Relational Action Inquiry Co-lab

...Liberating Joy and Vitality through our Work and Relationships

Co-Stewards: Hilary BradburyHeinz Robert, Lara Catone 

via Action Inquiry Plus

Are you interested in how new gender issues play into our co-creating a more sustainable world? Or how to practice a new kind of power between women and men after millennia of patriarchy? Or how this elevates us all at this time of social and ecological crisis? If so, and you’re keen to take on small or big experiments in your own work or life space, then this co-lab is for you!

We are in the midst of a sea change in how we experience gender & power. As outmoded “power-over” ways of relating and leading are being challenged, we are seeing what’s not working (e.g., #MeToo). But we’re less practiced with the new story and new ways of being of “power with.” In this co-lab we inquire/practice in a way that is transformative for our personal and collective development.

This co-lab is a space to tease out what we already know, to shine light on our blind spots, to reflect/learn each other’s perspectives and to uncover what new practices and models may help our collaborations to become generative and empowering for all. During each session we will work with at least one case study that one of our rotating protagonist-participants has prepared in advance (we’ll help you!). 

AR+ supports a global community, online and face to face, in which action-oriented scholar practitioners may find the developmental edge of action research in response to the demands of our times.

AR+ is a resource for re-weaving activist, artistic and scientific dimensions of knowledge creation back together.