Learn Online


for Women and People with Vulvas

Tuesday, May 28 at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 7pm CEST

In this free class we will explore how we might reclaim the beauty and multidimensionality of sexuality through the personal and collective work of radically re-defining sex. We will begin to peel back the veil to discover—and liberate—the untruths perpetuated by dominant culture. This class is a lead up to our six week course, Radically Re-defining Sex.

In this 50 minute free class, we will introduce two core teachings of eros and offer embodiment practices to come into deeper alignment with your own erotic power:

  1. Anger as a vital source of clarity and agency. Learn how to make space for anger in your body and how to transmute it into creative action.

  2. Pleasure as the wellspring of personal power. Discover new pathways into pleasure and how pleasure not only nourishes and fortifies but is in itself an act of cultural transgression.

The dominant stories you’ve been told about being a woman, what’s possible sexually, what it means to possess power and the experience of pleasure are too small.  

Eros is our life-force energy that both transcends and includes sexual love as the very pulse and passion of our full, creative lives. In modern times the active expression of erotic energy in women has been repressed, hidden, vilified, and veiled.

Step into a larger story.

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