Sex Lab is Back! + Restorative Justice in Sex Ed

October 23, 2018

In 2014 and 2015 I produced the Sex Lab with Lara podcast. I loved this project and am very proud of its quality from the educational depth to the sound quality (all of the interviews were recorded live in a professional studio). Over the 33 episodes I spoke with some of my favorite sex educators, social artists, psychotherapists, a priest, porn legend Nina Hartley and obstetrics pioneer Michel Odent on topics spanning relationship, sexuality, culture and general life ninja skills. I am excited to share that after losing the original audio files, I have reclaimed most of them and posted them on including a brand new episode with Michaela Boehm that was not previously released! I have had a great time revisiting these smart conversations and they are as relevant today as ever. You can listen here.

One of the sex educators I interviewed for Sex Lab was Reid Mihalko. A couple of months ago I visited Reid's website as I was intending to send some of his resources to a client and was surprised to find the following on his homepage:

For those of you who might not have heard, I'd like to get you up to speed about something very important that is happening in my life and my community of fellow sex educators...  

It was recently brought to my attention that, 8 years ago, I violated the consent of a colleague.  

I have issued a public apology for my sexual misconduct, have stepped down from teaching sex ed until further notice, and am in the process of a restorative justice approach of accountability to the person harmed as well as my community.  

In our current cultural chaos of social reckoning, Reid, is an incredible example of taking responsibility. I have witnessed Reid work to take responsibility for his privilege over the years and here he is taking responsibility for unconscious predatory behavior. Reid, along with the support of the sex educator community, entered a restorative justice process which has shown me how this can work in real life for situations of sexual harassment and assault. For me the way this violation has been tended to and the work put forth to heal personal behavior, relationship, community and culture demonstrates a direction we can move in to actually heal the most difficult aspects of gender privilege and discrimination. 

I encourage you to read more about their process. You can find all of the links through Reid's site here

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